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Hard Power Racing Engines by D K Hardee

D K Hardee is proud to stock racing parts from industry leaders

BoxStock and DynoCams!

If you need a kart racing engine, a 6.5 clone engine, and general clone racing engines, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Engine Building Process

D K Hardee uses the same building process and technology as NASCAR™ to ensure you get maximum performance every time you hit the track.

In the final stage all our engines are dyno tested and tuned to perfection. During this process we monitor oil temp, cylinder temp and exhaust temp. We also incorporate volumetric efficiency meters as well as air fuel ratio meters to dial in the carburetor to perfection!

Our engine blocks are heat treated and monitored with thermal imaging before going through final machining process. The heat cycle distresses the engine block causing it to relax. This yields a highly stable engine that will retain its form. This is why it’s imperative prior to the machining and assembling process.

Our engine dyno room and equipment.

After the heat treating process, every engine block is line bored so that the cylinder is completely centered to the crank. This removes all manufacturing flaws and errors. This produces the most consistent results in our engines.

Each engine goes through a steam and sanitary cycle before final assembly. This is a pic of our washer in the build room.

Our engine build room.

The final product! 

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